Interested in being a trainee or candidate for direct hire?

Talent Connect is a training academy designed to help people with disabilities to start careers in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Training takes place on site, working side by side with existing employees with support from an employment advisor from Talent Connect. Trainees don't need experience in the industry – the most important qualities are a positive attitude and a desire to learn.

If you have previous experience in either the manufacturing or distribution industries, you can become a candidate for direct hire instead of participating in the training program.


To become a trainee or candidate for direct hire, you must:

  • Have a diagnosed disability which may include: brain injury, intellectual and learning disabilities, attention challenges (ADD/ADHD), developmental disabilities, mental illnesses
  • Live in the St. Louis metropolitan area
  • Have an interest in manufacturing or distribution
  • Be able to commit to up to 12 weeks of training or have prior industry experience to be a candidate for direct hire
  • Have reliable transportation to/from training or to/from the workplace for direct hires

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