For Employers

Disability Awareness Training

The Disability Awareness Training is for the employer and the employees. This is an opportunity to be able to meet with our team and have a real discussion about an integrated workplace. In the training, we talk about what it means to have a disability, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), what it is like to work with or along side someone with a disability and what "reasonable accommodations" look like. We have trained by departments, supervisors and lead staff, as well as a whole facility. The training will also help some of your current employees self-identify and know they have a resource they can trust and help them if they need it in the future.

Direct Hiring

Talent Connect will learn about the positions you are needing to fill, conduct job analyses and screen candidates to ensure they can perform the essential functions of the job. Additionally, candidates are educated on your company culture. Candidates identified as suitable for a position at your company are sent to you, via the Talent Connect Project Manager, to go through the same interview processes as anyone else. Should you choose to hire a Talent Connect candidate, we will provide support to your company and to the employee in every way possible.

We also assist your company with applying for Work Opportunity Tax Credits.

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