For Job Seekers

Work Training Program

The training program is a 12-week training – up to 40 hours a week – which can be paid or unpaid depending on the site. The program is designed for individuals with a disability to have on-site assistance from one of our employment advisors and learn alongside of other coworkers. Trainees are evaluated throughout the training phase. When a trainee successfully completes the 12-week program and if the employer thinks the trainee is a good fit, we ask the employer to consider them as a candidate and put them through the same interview processes as anyone else. While not every trainee will be hired, they will receive a certificate at the end of their training to add to their résumé and be able to use the training employer as a professional reference.

Direct Hiring

Talent Connect partners with local businesses to fulfill their hiring needs by offering placement services to applicants who are interested. We will conduct in-depth skills assessments to help find the best job match and then educate you on the essential functions for that position and the company's culture. Candidates identified as suitable are forwarded for interviews, along with Talent Connect's recommendation to the hiring manager. If you are hired, we offer on-site training and support. 

If there are no current openings that fit your skills and interests, Talent Connect will keep your information for consideration when new positions become available.

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